Ensuring Maximised Production and Safety with Remote Gas Well Monitoring

Case study together with COM-FORTH

Case Study together with Com-Forth

Industry: Oil & Gas & Process
Application: Remote Asset Management
Region: Europe
Cloud/IT Platform: Microsoft Azure


The Com-Forth Oil and Gas project was set up to simplify and increase the reliability of operating remote Gas Well installations. 

The monitoring of wellheads is vital as oil and gas companies face increasing pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Wellheads provide the structural and pressure-containing interface for drilling and production equipment and need to operate at optimal levels to ensure production is maximized. 

Wellhead performance data can also help predict maintenance requirements, that allows for planning of downtime and avoiding unnecessary revenue losses, helps to prevent accidents and environmental damage in the form of water and air contamination.  

The Challenge

Reservoir locations are often remote, and a cellular connection can be unreliable, which leads to costly infrastructure needed for connectivity and engineers having to physically visit sites to assess conditions and performance. This is not only inefficient, but it also requires long travel times and unnecessary risk. 

In this project, the Gas Well suffered from an old and slow radio communications system. There was also a requirement for staff to be available onsite to gather data and initiate changes to control equipment. 

The requirement of the project was to simplify the Gas Well Monitoring and to make the data available in the cloud to enable Plug & Play, to make remote changes to the operation of the site control equipment. This would remove the need for staff to attend the site and thereby reduce both capital and operating costs. 

The Solution

Easy, fast, and scalable remote monitoring of industrial assets.

Installation of a Moxa UC-8100 IoT Gateway using ThingsPro Edge software connected to the SCADA controller onsite provided a high-speed data link to the cloud.

Real-time analysis queries could then be accomplished using Microsoft dashboard browsers within a simple Azure IoT Edge module based on Microsoft Azure infrastructure.

With this new configuration real-time data can be analyzed remotely by engineers and changes passed to the remote SCADA controller to improve equipment performance without the need for site attendance.

Why Com-Forth?

Industrial solutions require hardware elements that can provide maximum reliability under extreme conditions. Com-Forth supply industrial grade hardware that meets these requirements perfectly and provides a solid base for IoT and industry 4.0 systems. The hardware has a low cost of ownership and is specifically developed for OT engineers and does not require a high level of IT expertise.

Why Moxa?

Moxa has been a developer and manufacturer of industrial communication devices since 1987. The products are designed to meet the standards and requirements of the energy industry, transportation, the oil and gas industry as well as those of water and wastewater management. Besides the key components of industrial Ethernet networks, Moxa provides ICS/OT security firewalls and IPS/IDS firewalls and IPS/IDS systems, robust wireless solutions, I/Os andRTUs and programmable computers for harsh industrial conditions.

Moxa products are competitively priced and come with a five-year warranty.