Robotron Datenbank-Software GmbH is a specialist in the efficient management and evaluation of very large data volumes and offers practice-oriented software solutions and services for customers in industry, the energy sector and public administration

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The Industrial IoT specialist supports industrial companies in the implementation of digital transformation – from the initial idea to consulting, analysis and development of innovative solutions and agile implementation as well as operation of this solutions.

On the way to IIoT and the Connected Factory, they understand machine and process data as a valuable basis for process control and optimization. Using current edge andcloud technologies, artificial intelligence as well as analytical and methodical expertise, Robotron can not only collect, monitor and visualize data, but also evaluate concrete questions and take actions. This generates decisive added value for customers‘ production processes.

For several years, Robotron has been a certified Microsoft Gold Partner for Azure IoT Services and in the area of Application Development.

Whether in connectivity, computer vision (AI), edge and cloud computing, DevOps or energy management (ISO 50001) – Robotron considers itself as a long-term and reliable partner for customers – throughout the DACH region. On the way to Industry 4.0, a company’s workforce is just as important as the right technologies and IT infrastructures. Therefore, Robotron also offers numerous hands-on training courses and workshops to make companies and their employees fit for the Industrial Internet of Things.

In addition, Robotron is the market-leading supplier of energy management systems to major grid operators and energy distributors in both Germany and Switzerland.

In the meantime, all major transmission system operators in Germany, numerous medium-sized and small companies as well as some large international customers as far away as New Zealand work with Robotron products and solutions.

Today, more than 570 people are employed in the company and its subsidiaries, including around 450 employees at the company headquarters in Dresden.

Industry, Applications & Use Cases

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The RoboGate Product Suite is a versatile field gateway solution addressing machine retrofit and connectivity, smart maintenance, and condition monitoring. It contains a use-case-driven approach model for digitizing the shopfloor, a unified data model from various industry protocols for heterogeneous machinery, and it enables an easy and secure large-scale productive use through a holistic approach, including device management.

The Challenge

Does the world really need another field gateway solution? Yes, it does. Because when it comes to connectivity and retrofitting machines, industrial manufacturing is facing a confusing market. This is characterized by only a few holistically integrable solutions, a lack of device management, as well as many dependencies on hardware manufacturers and competition between OT and IT solutions.

The Solution

The software solution (RoboGate Connector BoxBundle) offers a modular system with both global and local administration and uses all standardized industrial protocol for the acquisition of machine data such as OPC UA, Modbus TCP/RTU, MQTT, Profibus, or S7 Protocol (via RCF 1006). The Data Preprocessing consists of message transformation by template language Scriban and a stream processing module for aggregation and preprocessing of data directly on the edge (Collect, Add, Limit, Average, Timer). The data transmission to the analysis platform is equally versatile and flexible and addresses Azure IoT Hub, Splunk, MQTT, and others. For more information, please click here.

Why Robotron

Robotron’s field gateway solution RoboGate provides one independent framework and multiple platforms at the same time.

The solution offers a use case-driven process model for digitizing the shop floor and is characterized above all by a standardized data model from a wide range of industrial protocols for a heterogeneous machine park.

Why Moxa

Moxa provides a scalable open hardware platform for IIoT gateways and industrial edge computers, which all support Robotron’s RoboGate software. Together with the Moxa ThingsPro device management features and Robotron’s cloud-based DeviceCenter management solution provide end-to-end manageability of all components within the solution. In addition, Robotron together with Moxa’s IIoT Service Partners offer zero touch provisioning service by preparing the individual gateways before shipping to the extent that they can simply be installed without further configuration needed by local staff.

Remote management topology


NeMo is a cloud-based electricity network monitoring solution for distribution network providers. It provides real-time measurement of relative energetic quantities in (low)-voltage nets with non-regulated measurement technology and can therefore be used for monitoring of local networks and stations including condition monitoring and alerting at a reasonable price.

The Challenge

Rapidly growing expansion of volatile renewable energies increasingly leads to grid bottlenecks in the transmission and distribution grid, especially in networks with lower voltage levels. Today a surplus or shortage of energy can only be detected in the higher network levels due to poorly monitored lower network levels. This leads to increasing requirements for:

  • maintaining the voltage band at the grid connection point
  • avoiding of cable and transformer overloads
  • monitoring equipment

How to address these increasing requirements at a reasonable cost?

The Solution

Monitoring of the low voltage feeders and the local network station with non-regulated “Industrial IoT” equipment and a cloud-based monitoring system.

The solution provides cellular-enabled hardware which installs easily at the transformer and measures voltage, current, frequency, and consumption every minute. It contains a web-based dashboard with near real-time data views, analysis of the uploaded telemetry to understand energy usage trends, and alerts users of issues over email and SMS. An essential advantage is the integration with existing systems to export the raw data or data analysis. For more information, please click here.


Why Robotron

Robotron’s energy management solutions are used by leading companies in Germany, Switzerland, and around the world. NeMo is leveraging Robotron’s experience in traditional energy management solutions and applies it to a simple and scalable, yet effective cloud-based solution.

Why Moxa

Moxa provides industrial-grade information and communication equipment to power and other industries. For this solution Moxa has worked with Robotron and a sensor partner to create a robust IIoT solution for electricity providers. Together with our joint IIoT Service Partner, Sphinx, Robotron and Moxa can now offer “zero touch provisioning” service to our customers by preparing the individual gateways before shipping to the extent that they can simply be installed at the customer location without further configuration needed by local staff.



Industrial Process and Energy Analytics offers data-driven approaches for an energy-efficient, climate-neutral production. The solution offers a sustainable, ISO 50001 compliant analysis tool for the identification of energy wastage directly at the source, system comparisons and detailed analysis for action planning, as well as simple success control of measures. Plants, equipment, and components can be easily compared with each other and with the state of production regarding process, energy, and machine condition data.

The Challenge

Energy managers and energy engineers who want to obtain or renew ISO 50001 certification need energy analyses that comply with standards – every second and down to the plant and component level.

The Solution

robotron*IPEA supports the identification of Significant Energy Users (SEU), the creation of energy baseline and performance indicators (EnB and EnPIs), and the complete management of measures with Energy Performance Improvement Actions (EPIA) for effective energy management. Convenient interfaces allow individual evaluations and email notifications are sent when a threshold value is exceeded.

The platform supports various import and export interfaces as well as file formats. Data transfer can be encrypted upon request. Store your data on-premises or outsource it to an external data center or the cloud. It is also possible to acquire and process data in combination with our innovative IoT field gateway RoboGate.

Robotron*IPEA also features:

  • Individual design of dashboards, reports, and notifications
  • Configurable user management
  • Integrated data archiving

For more information, please click here.

Why Robotron

In this solution, Robotron combines its knowledge and experience from the energy industry and efficiency improvement in industrial manufacturing processes. robotron*IPEA offers extensive multivariate evaluation procedures and, by linking energy and machine data, creates new insights for process optimization as well as the basis for significant energy savings.

Why Moxa

Moxa provides a scalable open hardware platform for IIoT gateways and industrial edge computers, which all support Robotron’s RoboGate / DeviceCenter solution. The IPEA analytics platform can turn industrial data into measurable value.

In addition, Robotron together with Moxa’s IIoT Service Partners offer zero touch provisioning service by preparing the individual gateways before shipping to the extent that they can simply be installed at the without further configuration needed by local staff.


The software platform with modular, scalable design enables the integration of end-to-end solutions for industrial computer vision and the creation, distribution, and maintenance of deep-learning-based quality and compliance checks across the enterprise.

The Challenge

Many industrial companies want to integrate computer vision systems with deep neural networks into their existing end-of-line inspection or replace previously unimplementable quality control systems with them. Due to the very different circumstances, the requirements for the necessary hardware, as well as for the inspection algorithm are very complex and different. The associated large number of interfaces often leads to the use of isolated solutions from several manufacturers, despite the use of an innovative approach. Furthermore, various job roles, often in different plants (group of companies), must be integrated into the overall process and involved in the release processes, which has been virtually ignored up to now.

The Solution

The RCV tool chain covers all steps from data preparation and storage to model training, model evaluation, and model deployment.

  • The RCV Cockpit serves as the central control for data and model administration
  • The RCV label tool enables easy labeling of image data
  • The VOR dashboard provides support for testing by comparing the ACTUAL with the TARGET state

The solution offers the possibility of enrichment with data from other systems (MES, etc.) as well as extensible interfaces for customer-specific solutions and integration of the latest Deep Learning frameworks. By deploying the trained model in production, the entire process from image acquisition to processing and evaluation runs fully automatically.

All components of the platform are based on container virtualization in their architecture and can thus be operated on-premises as well as in the cloud or even hybrid. RCV offers individual solutions for your application scenario with easy calibration and portability. For more information, please click here.

Why Robotron

The RCV platform offers a free choice of hardware, deep neural networks and supports different infrastructure scenarios to meet the specific circumstances and requirements of the test. Thus, complete operation of the platform’s components in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid is possible, e.g., to cope with limited or no internet connectivity. This flexibility is particularly helpful regarding the various test scenarios from the simple presence check of a component to complex surface inspection with difficult test conditions. The integration of different job roles as well as cross-plant collaboration is also easily possible with the platform approach. Thus, once found, test approaches can be used and improved company wide.

Why Moxa

Moxa’s compact Intel Core i CPU-based products like MC-1200 and V2400C provide the platform for Robotron’s Realtime Computer Vision for the harsh and regulated environments of oil & gas, process automation, rail, power utilities, and other areas with wide temperature, shock & vibration, electro-magnetic compliance, explosion proof, and long product life and high MTBF requirements.

VOR Dashboard
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