IoT device management and remote access out of the box

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qbee offers simple Linux and IoT device management. Manage large fleets of edge devices throughout their lifecycle in one platform. From a quick proof of concept (POC) to full production.
VPN for remote access, device monitoring, security and over the air (OTA) software updates without any development need. Utilize CI/CD for your edge device application software.

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4 steps of quick proof of concept to full production

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Companies across all industries have been increasing their investments and capabilities for the digital transformation of their businesses. In particular in industrial environments, automating and improving processes is expected to save cost, allow for better and new services and overall improve processes in many ways.

The Challenge

However, many leaders are struggling with making IIoT easy, fast, and scalable. In many cases, companies are struggling to meet the cost structures required to validate business cases and work economically.

The Solution

Moxa’s “IIoT on a shoestring budget” campaign tells the fictional story how a hypothetical industrial company uses commercial off-the-shelf building blocks that are both cost-effective and enable a high degree of scalability and automation for their IIoT solution, while keeping control of their core competences. It even outlines the very specific steps of how to implement a simple reference architecture based on commercial off-the-shelf hardware, software, and services from Moxa,, and Adtek. The true value comes from the ease and speed of the implementation, as well as the reliability and longevity of the solution that drives the total cost of ownership down and keeps the solution economically viable for 10 years and more.

Why qbee

Qbee offers reliable and scalable device management platform: Secure IoT Device Management and VPN for Embedded Linux (, including Embedded Linux device management, Remote control IoT fleets with VPN and OTA software updates, option for CI/CD.

Why Moxa

Moxa delivers high quality computing products, including very cost-effective and durable UC-2100 product series that enables customers to quickly realize their IoT projects. In addition, customers can take advantage of the growing IIoT partner ecosystem and specifically the “zero touch provisioning” experience from their IIoT service partners.

Moxa UC-2100 Series Product Image


In a digital asset monitoring solution, a Node-RED and UIbuilder deployment needs to be automated and deployed across different factory locations. Using Github as main distribution point greatly simplifies the overall configuration and deployment of the application.

The Challenge

How do I deploy my Node-RED and UIbuilder application into production on a large number of Moxa edge devices?

The Solution

With qbee the whole process can be transformed into a CI/CD process utilizing GitHub. The application files are then handled, and version controlled in GitHub. If any changes occur that are released to the production branch, then a GitHub runner process is automatically triggered. The runner creates an API call to the qbee file manager and transfers the updated application files. From there the qbee embedded Linux device management platform distributes the application files in a fully automated way and restarts the application on the devices each time there is a change accepted for production. Now it is also possible to have different versions and localize these.

In this tutorial we show you how to set up a simple yet effective way to deploy Node-RED flows and settings with GitHub using’s powerful configuration management.

Why qbee

The implementation of the qbee platform made management of the shop floor devices simple and easy to follow. This will eventually make the handover of this system to the internal IT department much easier. That department will operate and update this solution for many years to come.

Why Moxa

Moxa has a wide range of Linux based gateways and controllers that work well with applications such as Node-RED or Crosser.


Digital transformation is strongly driven by IoT use cases and industry 4.0. These deployments often rely on a distributed fleet of edge devices to collect data or interact with processes or machines. All these devices need to be managed. Here qbee’s IoT device management steps up to the job. From initial provisioning of fleets to over the air security updates of the Linux operating system. From frequent application updates to continuous metric monitoring or remote access for debugging.

The Challenge

Keep embedded devices up to date with secure Linux libraries and the latest application software. Detect operational issues by monitoring metrics and CVE security warnings. Configure your whole fleet no matter where in the world the devices reside. Get remote access while developing or for debugging sessions.

The Solution

The qbee device management software is a SaaS solution that helps companies to manage, monitor and update large fleets of Linux devices. Through a simple user interface many configuration options are available as well as the full flexibility of running remote scripts. Software vulnerabilities are detected and can be fixed with an integrated over the air (OTA) update functionality. Detect memory leaks or file system issues before they impact your operation. If you need remote access qbee allows both ssh access as well as a full VPN mapping any port. The VPN process is fully configurable and can be turned off when the use case demands that.

Why qbee

Solve all your IoT device management needs with one simple and inexpensive platform that is easy to operate. Focus your development effort on your value add and save money, resources, and time to market.

Why Moxa

Moxa delivers a high-quality computing platform that enables customers to quickly realize their IoT projects. The range of devices makes it possible to granularly scale performance according to demand.

Carsten Lehbrink, CEO qbee

Carsten Lehbrink

CEO, qbee

Thomas Ludescer, Head of Machine Learning & Analytics, qbee

Dr. Thomas Ludescher

Head of Machine Learning & Analytics, qbee

Hermann Berg, Head of IIoT | Moxa Europe

Hermann Berg

Head of Industrial IoT

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