Easy, Fast, and Scalable IIoT Solutions

Making IIoT Projects Easy, Fast and Scalable – with Partners

For us IIoT means making it easy for customers to capture, clean, and use data from industrial assets. We work with cloud, software, and sensor partners to build a reliable IIoT application end-to-end.

Our IIoT strategy is built on two core beliefs:

1. IIoT projects can only be succesful if first results are achieved quickly with limited effort

2. Successful projects must be designed with the end in mind: large-scale roll-out

Moxa, as a manufacturer of industrial networking, connectivity, and computing products, provides an ideal IIoT toolkit, has industrial expertise with long-term reliability expectations, global reach, and advanced security products and standards. But for today’s sensor-to-cloud applications, we rely heavily on partners to make IIoT projects easy, fast, and scalable.


Reliable and Secure Connectivity and Computing Between Sensor and Cloud for Mission-critical Applications

Moxa IIoT Gateways and Edge Computers Provide a Great Platform for Cooperation

Moxa Technical College - Industrial Networking and Industrial IoT Training You Can Use on the Job

Moxa Technical College provides a wide range of training, offering practical skills for a variety of job roles. So whether you’re an entry-level network engineer, an advanced senior administrator, or system integrator, our program has courses for you

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