Effortless Access to Your Remote Devices

Easy-to-use and Flexible Secure Remote Access

When talking about providing services for machines or systems, traditionally, service providers have needed to send an engineer on-site to perform assessments and troubleshooting, as well as any software updates. Remote access to PLCs, HMIs, and automation networks can help you reduce onsite visits, improve services, and increase operational efficiency while saving time and costs.

Our Moxa Remote Connect (MRC) solution and MRC Quick Link Service open up a new world of security, ease of use, and flexibility for your secure remote access. The MRC secure remote access solution provides strong data encryption and secure tunneling between your local and remote systems. There is no need to perform complex VPN/firewall configurations, which allows you to add remote connections more confidently and flexibly.

MRC is mostly used when human users need to access a piece of remote equipment or network from time to time. OnCell cellular gateways in turn are most suitable for unmanned permanent or periodically repeating connections, such as data acquisition from remote environmental monitoring sites.

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