GPS Toll Collection System Based on Gigabit Ethernet

Intelligent transportation case study

Application: Electronic Toll Collection Systems
Industry: Intelligent Transportation
Region: European Union

Case Study Overview

Transportation authorities in France planned to implement an environmental tax for all HGVs (heavy goods vehicles) when traveling across a network of national highways totalling over 1500 kilometers in length. The HGV tax for each vehicle will be determined with an onboard GPS device and toll enforcement will be performed by a system of sensors and cameras to capture license plates of HGVs not in compliance with the new tax program. The system will be used to count traffic and can even identify vehicle types with contour mapping. Upon detection of a violation, the system will send the license plate image back to the control room to be processed for payment collection.

Numerous vehicle detectors and camera data have to be collected and transmitted to control centers


Wide-temperature tolerance for outdoor operation

Rugged and compact design for installation in roadside cabinets

Large volumes of images and transaction data have be transmitted over long distances

Moxa Solution

Throughout the national highway system, multiple modularized cabinets are installed atop over 150 gantries. A camera and a vehicle detection device are connected to an EDS-G509-T (or EDS-510A-3GT-T) industrial Ethernet switch in each cabinet. These switches have Gigabit capacity and can transmit large amounts of image and transaction data to control centers. They also have IGMP snooping enabled to optimize bandwidth usage and reduce network congestion. The EDS-G509-T also has 5 fiber ports for long-distance transmission for the ITS network.

The ioLogik E1212-T Ethernet remote I/O connects to humidity/temperature sensors and intrusion detection inside the roadside cabinet to improve equipment safety and reliability. Furthermore, due to its small size, the ioLogik E1212-T can easily fit into space-constrained roadside cabinets.

  • The EDS-510A-3GT-T & EDS-G509-T provide Gigabit Ethernet ports to support massive video and data transmissions
  • Future proof IPv6 ready
  • The EDS-G509-T supports fiber interface for long distance transmission
  • All Moxa’s models feature -40 to 75°C wide temperature tolerance and long MTBF to perform reliably without air conditioning in severe highway operating conditions.
etc system topology

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