Thank You for Your Visit at Digital X

Thank You for Visiting Us in Cologne!

We hope you enjoyed your stay at our Digital X Brandhouse getting in touch with our IIoT experts Nicole Jezabek, Hermann Berg, Amjad Badar and Branislav Radak.

  • Did you see the hydrogen demo and wonder how you can implement more CO2 and energy saving projects with the right partners? We have shown for remote access and device management, Crosser for low code stream analytics & integration and Weidmüller for the industrial battery infrastructure.
  • Did you miss the “Critical Power Monitoring” or “New Energy” workshop and wonder how to get more granular visibility on your power consumption?
  • Do you have more questions about Industrial IoT architectures from Microsoft Azure?
  • Do you want to know about how to implement an IIoT project on a shoestring budget?


For all these topics, please don’t hesitate to contact us by either using the contact form or getting in touch with our experts.

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Nicole Jezabek, Senior Key Account Manager, Moxa Europe

Nicole Jezabek

Senior Key Account Manager

Hermann Berg, Head of IIoT, Moxa Europe

Hermann Berg

Head of IIoT

Amjad Badar, IIoT Solution Architect, Moxa Europe

Amjad Badar

IIoT Solution Architect

Picture of Branislav Radak

Branislav Radak

Field Application Engineer

Our Partners at Digital X

Crosser Logo Transparent

Crosser designs and develops Streaming Analytics, Automation and Integration software for any Edge, On-premise or Cloud.

Moxa IIoT Partners

Moxa as a manufacturer of industrial networking, connectivity and computing products provides an ideal IIoT toolkit, has industrial expertise with long-term reliability expectations, global reach, and advanced security products and standards. But for today’s sensor-to-cloud applications, we rely heavily on partners to make IIoT projects easy, fast and scalable.

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For requests about Moxa’s products and our solutions with IIoT partners please send us a message and we will return as soon as possible.

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