Futureproof Industrial Automation Webinar Recording: Trends and Cybersecurity

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Discover new network designs and technologies to help solve problems of futureproof networking.

What is futureproof networking?

  1. Be ready for the future: Being futureproof requires future technologies.
  2. Be ready for current and future cyberthreats: In OT, cybersecurity is the new reliability.

Machine builders, system integrators, and plant operators all face special challenges with the digital transformation in the factory automation market. The field is massively diverse and in this webinar recording, we’ll address special use cases tailored to the unique needs of factory automation.

Check out the recording as we present in details about these solutions and more:

  • Connecting more and more devices in your control cabinet while also making sure it remains secure and your machines keep running as you’d expect.
  • Designing secure OT-networks using IEC 62443 for digital manufacturing networks with adaptive and changing requirements.
  • Securing old HMIs with virtual patching so you won’t be attacked by ransomware.
  • New technologies influencing future factory layouts, such as TSN or 5G

We hope you enjoy the recording which was hosted by our own Product Marketing Team leader, Lars Jaeger, our local Industrial Automation Expert, Philipp Jauch, and knowledgeable Product Marketing Manager, Laurent Liou.