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Moxa at SPS 2021 - It would have been nice to meet you

Unfortunately SPS 2021 couldn’t take place this year due to the current COVID-19 infection developments in Germany.

We would have loved to demonstrate our network of cloud, software, and sensor partners to build a reliable IIoT application from end-to-end.

Or how our solutions secures your OT networks with future-proof all-in-one industrial secure routers.

But of course we are still there for you.

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Moxa IIoT Partners

Moxa as a manufacturer of industrial networking, connectivity, and computing products provides an ideal IIoT toolkit, has industrial expertise with long-term reliability expectations, global reach, and advanced security products and standards. But for today’s sensor-to-cloud applications, we rely heavily on partners to make IIoT projects easy, fast, and scalable.

Explore How Moxa Secures Your OT Networks

With the launch of Moxa’s new EDR-G9010 Series industrial secure routers, Moxa has expanded its secure network infrastructure portfolio to cover a broader range of industrial applications and introduced more granular control over industrial networks to fulfill its ongoing commitment to protect the connectivity of industrial environments.

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For requests about Moxa’s products and our solutions with IIoT partners please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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