Cybersecurity Webinar Recording: Network Device Hardening for Your ICS with IEC 62443

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Following the Leading Standard for Operational Technology in Automation & Control Systems

Have you ever wondered how the IEC 62443 standard helps end users build secure industrial control systems (ICS)? Or, how IEC 62443 changes product suppliers’ product lifecycle management?

Check out this webinar recording where we discuss the current challenges of cybersecurity in ICS networks, what standards and frameworks are out there, and how they support ICS network owners. We also answer to questions like:

  • Why is IEC 62443 important?
  • How does it influence key players in the network lifecycle?
  • How are component manufacturers, system integrators, and network owners affected?

As a manufacturer, Moxa ensures that our devices are equipped with features that can serve to enhance security levels. In the webinar, we‘ll show you selected component requirements coming from the IEC 62443 standard and how their implementation needs to be configured for security level 2 hardening, with the example of Moxa‘s next generation DIN-rail managed switch, the EDS-G4000.